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A 100% Custom Device at one low price! Made from your cast or scan, our braces are an excellent choice for non operative management of numerous pathologies that require stabilization and contro of the rear, mid or forefoot.

Unlike other labs, we vacuum form high quality, orthotic grade polypropylene to create a supportive inner structure. We also offer additional padding, heel and forefoot posts, met pads, sulcus or full foot extensions at no extra charge. The price you see is the price we charge.

Clinical applications and therapy:

• Adult/Pediatric Cavus
• Flat Foot/Pes Planus
• Ankle Instability
• Tarsal Tunnel
• Lisfrancs Injury
• Ruptured Fascia
• Achilles Tendinosois
• Arthritic Ankle/Midfoot/Subtaler
• Post Fusions
• Charcots/Diabetic
• Stroke Imbalance/Foot Drop
• Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
• Sinus Tarsi Syndrome



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The Signature Dynamic is designed to meet the needs of patients that do not require complete control in the saggital plane. Polypropylene shell is 100% custom molded to the patient model (no prefabricated parts!). By utilizing Tamarack™ Joints, these braces provide fluid motion without any moving parts to wear out! Like our other brace products, the price you see is the price we charge! We will not charge for additional padding, heel or forefoot posts, met pads, or Sulcus/Full Foot extensions!

Clinical Indications:

• Mild Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
• Mild degenerative arthritis
• Lateral and medial instability of subtalar joint
• Sinus tarsi syndrome
• Drop foot
• Severe pronation
• Chronic ankle instability
• All ankle injuries including high ankle sprains
• Trauma

Features and Options:

• Soft, comfortable molded leather inner shell lining
• Padded with 1/8" medical-grade foam
• Polypropylene reinforced foot and ankle
• Metatarsal length foot plate
• Choice of closures:

• Velcro®
• Lace/Speedy Hook combination
• Tamarack Flexure™ or Tamarack Dorsflexion Assist™

• Choice of topcovers:

• Available in 7"- 9" height
• Available in black


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