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Application/Therapy: Wide ranges of applications and tailored flexibility ranges from rigid to very flexible. Polytech devices feature very low bulk heel-posts, less than 1 mm thick, and advanced styling. Accomodations may be directly milled into the device with great results.

• Heel spur

• Medical fascial band relief

• Heel lifts etc . . .

Materials: Digitally milled Polypro with integrated heel posting.

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Application/Therapy: Control and stabilization of the foot while wearing low bulk dress type or high-heeled shoes. Helping to maintain arch and mid-foot control reducing stress and fatigue.

Materials: Digitally milled Polypro with .50 mm thin heel contact area, sulcus top covering with 2 mm accommodating foam extension.


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Application/Therapy: Use when typical polypro devices with crepe heel-posts are desired. Devices can be produced as flexible or as rigid as required. With all milled devices, many accomodations can be milled directly into the orthosis.

Materials: Digitally milled polypro device with crepe heelposts.

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