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Application/Therapy: Biomechanically controlling Orthotic for patients of all weight ranges. Useful for the correction and management of biomechanical problems such as forefoot and rearfoot varus and valgus deficiencies as well as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, hallux deformities and midtarsal joint function limitation.

Materials: Composite foot plates available in semi- flexible, semi –rigid, rigid, and very rigid flexibilities. Extrinsic posting is accomplished with super crepe.

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Application / Therapy: Better control and stabilization of the foot when wearing dress – type or high heeled shoes. The semi rigid devices are formed and ground to fit into dress shoes only, allowing the foot to be held in proper position in the shoe, reducing pressure and fatigue.

Materials: Composite foot plate material, with a standard sulcus length Naugahyde top cover.

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