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Application/ Therapy: Semi-rigid control and high shock dissipation. Works well for court type activities, allowing for control and management of side to side motion, minimizing stress on the lower extremities and reducing over-use injuries.

Materials: Computer milled polypro shell with EVA midsole and 3/16 R-Lite cover to the end of the toes.

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Application/Therapy: Passive biomechanical support with strong mid-foot stabilization and control. This device works very well for patients with recurring over use injuries in the lower extremities.

Materials: Thin polypro foam midsole with full R-Lite padding to toes and accommodating foam bottom cover.


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Application/Therapy: Highly flexible devices with 15mm rigid heel-cup for greater hind foot control. This device works well for arthritics, diabetics, and the aging population.

Materials: 2.0 mm polypro shell with poron midsole, R-Lite padding to end of toes and accommodative bottom cover.


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Application/Therapy: Semi- rigid biomechanically controlling device for all weight ranges. Stabilizes problems such as heel pain, plantar pain, and other minimal to moderate problems related to overuse and stress. This product was designed with the geriatric in mind.

Materials: Semi-rigid polypro shell with EVA midsole and neoprene padding to toes with accommodative foam bottom cover.

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Application/Therapy: Fully accommodative appliance. When maintenance of the diabetic or arthritic foot is required, deep pocketing can be achieved for maximum relief in needed areas.

Materials: Thermo-moldable cork product with celastic for stiffening and longer life.

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